About us

Swiss Toilet Organisation (STO) is an association founded in 2014 with the mission of improving the sanitation culture in Switzerland. Our main focus consists on bringing the concept of Sustainable Sanitation closer to the public and contributing to spread the use of sustainable sanitation technologies in Switzerland and around the world. Therefore, awareness-raising is a substantial part of the work of STO, targeting young people in particular. 

STO is a member of the cewas-community and of the Circular Sanitation Network Switzerland VaLoo.


Karla Schlie is founder of the STO. She is a project manager specialising in sustainability and water resources, bringing over 20 years of combined experience in various project management, coordination, and business management roles. She is particularly interested in sustainable sanitation, circularity in water resources and youth empowerment. 

Since 2017 she is Coordinator of  the Stockholm Junior Water Prize | Switzerland, a joint initiative of the STO and the Swiss Water Partnership


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Élida Villalba Vargas Ebert is a consultant with over 18 years of experience in interntional legal practice, holding a Ph.D. in Organisation Studies and Cultural Theory by the University of Srt. Gallen in Switzerland. She is passionate about research on human rights and how they are affected by climate change; her work aims to visualize the intersectionalities that make some human beings more vulnerable than others.

She is currently a visiting professor and researcher at two universiities in Paraguay.

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